The Craft Room is commonly referred to as the 'epicenter' of the second floor –a direct result of the buzz and chatter that builds when residents gather here. With an impressive roster of activities, many residents make this destination a routine part of their day.

There are also a number of accomplished artists who assemble regularly in the Craft Room for their Painting Group. Several members of this group, led by a former art college graduate, received First Place, Second Place and Honourable Mention awards with their entries at the 2003 Calgary Exhibition & Stampede. Their stunning works of art are proudly displayed in their rooms.

The stakes are high when the Blackjack Group meets for a rousing game of cards - but only the player with the most chips at the end of each match can cash them in for first dibs on the chocolate spoils of the game. No one leaves empty handed though, as it's chocolate bars all around after the match. 

The ever changing list of Craft Room activities also includes such diverse pastimes as ceramics, handicrafts, BINGO games and even a current affairs group whose members devour the daily newspapers and engage in lively discussions, and sometimes scrapbooking, of their favorite topics.
Friends of the Colonel Belcher Society

Craft Room