When you cross the threshold of the Colonel Belcher care centre into the Foyer you immediately notice that it is not just a space to pass through. Residents can often be seen resting on comfortable chairs watching the comings and goings of the centre. Some may have stopped to study the impressive Donor Wall that spans the entryway and offers a graphic representation of the many contributions of caring and responsive groups and individuals from throughout the community. Others may be reading some of the memories in the Book of Memories of those named on the bricks in the Legacy Wall of Honour.

Prominently situated in the inviting entrance stands a familiar sight from the old Colonel Belcher: a well used grand piano that has undoubtedly set many toes tapping and voices soaring over the years. Staff still recall the goose bumps they had the day a contractor, passing through the Foyer as he attended to finishing touches at the complex, spontaneously sat down and delivered an impromptu and inspired performance drawing a crowd of delighted staff and residents. Since that day, residents, staff and visitors routinely pull up the bench and entertain an always receptive crowd. It is a rare day that the old piano sits quiet. 

The Foyer also plays host to a number of the centre's numerous social activities. At the Fall Fair residents competed at games of carpet bowling, horseshoes and mini golf - just to name a few. Competition was so stiff that organizers ran out of First Place prize ribbons. The contestants were soon treated to tastier rewards when fresh pie and hot cups of coffee and tea were served. 

From the Foyer, you can also spot the always bustling Main Street Cafe and the General's Store Gift Shop that lend to the centre that familiar feeling of a neighbourhood community.

Friends of the Colonel Belcher Society