The Town Hall is the heart of the Carewest Colonel Belcher. Towering windows shower natural light into this bright and cheerful room, giving a warm welcome to all who gather here. 

A steady flow of groups large and small file in and out of this grand space on a daily basis to partake in a wide variety of activities. The centre has hosted everything from musical concerts and theatrical performances to exotic pet visits and a dog show.

On movie night the smell of popcorn fills the air as residents enjoy their favourite spaghetti western or some other time-honoured classic. 
Many clubs will also gather here for a friendly game of crib, a round or two of BINGO or maybe a quick spin on the dance floor to an old time tune on the jukebox.

On Remembrance Day the room quickly fills to beyond capacity and closed circuit cameras were set up so all can share in this solemn ceremony.

Another highly popular activity that takes place in this room is the "Friends of Seniors" day. Intended as a one time event, this program that matches a pair of teens with each participating senior was so popular that it has become a regular occurrence. The teens and seniors both eagerly anticipate this social event that often takes them to many other areas of the building as well.
Friends of the Colonel Belcher Society

Town Hall/Auditorium