Anchoring the Legacy Garden is the Wall of Honour - a powerful monument created by families, friends and agencies that have made more than 3,000 individual tributes to Veterans past and present on the permanently inscribed bricks in the Wall. Two plain bricks recall those who gave their lives and whose remains were never recovered for burial. Another echoes the frequent inscription in Military Cemeteries on graves of those who could not be identified and are “Known Only to God”. 

In September 2003 more than 1,000 people attended the dedication ceremony for the Wall of Honour which continues to receive a steady stream of visitors all year round. 

Those who donated bricks are invited to submit short memories of the veteran commemorated on the bricks. These are collected and are displayed in the Book of Memories in the foyer (and, in the near future, on this website). If you donated a brick and wish to contribute to this collection, please visit the Book of Memories page where you may obtain a form with details of the format for the memory and a release form. The release form must be completed before the memory is displayed.

Click here to visit the Book of Memories

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Wall of Honour