The indoor Winter Garden is another busy hub of activity at the Carewest Colonel Belcher.

Passers by on the second floor atrium are often surprised by an airborne beach ball launched up to greet them by the fitness participants at work on their exercises in the Winter Garden below.

And there's no mistaking when the Chin Waggers have taken over the space. The self named Chin Waggers are a group of needlework enthusiasts who gather regularly in the Winter Garden for sewing, knitting and other creative handicrafts. Their name aptly describes the lively banter that echoes through the space when they gather to work at their craft.

When the Music Program is underway, a chorus of voices accompanied by the Winter Garden piano can often be heard throughout the building. At Christmastime, the lively giggle and enthusiastic chatter of children were added to the mix when Moms from the surrounding neighborhoods brought their young ones in for a tree trimming party. The festive feeling was contagious as the Christmas carols rang out, sung by voices young and old.
Friends of the Colonel Belcher Society

Winter Garden